Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm beginning to surprise myself...

Admittedly Paleo is a challenge. Don't get me wrong, when I eat spot on I feel great and I definitely notice the days I don't eat well, at least I notice the day after. Sick to my stomach, tired and sluggish, bloated, and just overall ughhhh. So finding food that not only meets a craving, but exceeds is a quick way to say Paleo-who??
Yesterday I was dying for some Thai food. I don't know whether it's the exotic blend of so many different seasonings or the spice that makes your tastebuds just jump and say howdy-do. Sitting at my desk yesterday I started daydreaming of lunch even though I had brought lunch to work, one of the best Thai restaurants in Huntington Beach is just a mile down the road and their $5 lunch special is enough food to feed the people of Malaysia. Too close for comfort. Too tempting. What was worse is I had to do errands at lunch and oh the idea of passing it was getting to be too much!!! I finally resisted driving fast right past it, don't look, don't look!! and sat at my desk eating my chicken salad (yawn).

My husband had plans last night, so I planned on putting the kids to bed and making something good. I had no idea how good until I just threw caution to the wind and opened the coconut milk.

Ok so I took my chicken in bite size pieces and browned them in olive this point I was still making another dish (thankfully the olive oil didn't matter to the taste).

As I was getting my balsamic glaze out I saw my curry paste...and I thought, yes! why not!! I opened it and the smell made me feel good all over so I added that to my chicken.

I let it cook for a short time in the curry paste and then added my coconut milk. I don't cook with measurements. I cook by color. I know the color I want and that's when I stop. Oh look how beautiful chicken can look.

But that's not all. Then I went crazy...and put my brussel sprouts in my quick and crazy recipe and sauteed those pups for a few minutes and oh such goodness on a plate.

I do need to learn how to make the rice cauliflower, it might prove to be more authentic but if you enjoy curry the way I do it doesn't matter what you put it on. I had it in Malaysia once with a bowl of spaghetti. My tongue was on fire and I live to have that moment again. Two Yums Up!

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