Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happiness can be found in your wallet.

When life doesn't seem to be going my way I have found comfort in little things like shoe or purse shopping. A purse never cares if you put on a pound or two, or five. I used to feel that way about shoes but then I got pregnant and realized shoes can be horribly judgemental. Now after having babies, I realized purses form a whole new meaning. Is it a diaper bag? A fashion statement? A place to hold my wrappers, receipts, school flyers?

Life in the Cave can be pretty hectic and my life needs to lean towards simplicity. So when I step out of the Cave I need to be thinking simple. Which led me to the culprit of why I carry a purse...the wallet.

My journey began to find a wallet that I can use as an all-in-one for the days I just need to grab my wallet and go, or days I need a purse and want to throw the wallet in it. It seriously took 2 months to find the right one for me. It had to zip, it had to have enough places for the the reward cards, have the ability to show my license easily, and it needed a handle cause seriously I lose things. Oh and I had to love the way it looked.

Home parties and hours searching Google behind me, I finally found the Vera Bradley all-in-one zip around wallet!! It took days to get it but worth the wait and I couldn't wait to get started cleaning out my old wallet. Throwing away receipts, business cards, reward cards, etc. I felt like a hoarder and seriously was waiting for TLC's cameras to sneak up behind me.

The pile on the left is what came out of my old wallet. The bag on the right is my new wallet, all zipped up and ready to go:

I took this opportunity to not only clean out my wallet, but recognize I don't need all the things in it. Why am I saving free yogurt coupons? How many reward cards does one person need? My 5 year old was delighted to receive my old hand-me-down and the twins were running around the house with plastic reward cards with pure excitement. I made their night. Most of all, this is just another step in the right direction to simplify my life. Back to the Cave.

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