Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I like to eat. There, I said it.

I love a good meal. Who doesn't right? When I started Paleo, I made a secret pact with myself that I would take the time needed to create dishes that were healthy and satisfying. Paleo eaters can find themselves running into routines of eating the same meals a lot. I mean how many ways can you cook steak and chicken?? I am very thankful for a heart that likes to try new things and isn't afraid of playing with my food. My husband isn't as fun in this area but has gotten better, as long as I don't tell him what's in it and usually I can make him anything that includes bacon.

So last night's creation...while the mind said "oooh make chicken bacon bites" the body was being pulled on by my twins Jack & Bella (they love when mommy wears a dress, it's like a game of gather round the may pole) and making bacon bites entailed a little more work (don't worry, we'll get there). So as a good Cave Wife and Mom, I chose to simplify - while using the same ingredients.

Last night was simple since the kids had eaten and hubby wanted his leftover pulled pork from the night before but if cooking for the family just double, triple, etc. the ingredients.

Start with 2 slices of non-cured bacon. Bacon seems to be a debate in the Paleo world but I have found that the nitrate free, non-cured has less to debate. It's pork with no processing, a.k.a. pig...eat up! And seriously non-cured bacon has a greater taste of bacon without the added seasonings and salty taste from curing.

So fry up your bacon and don't lose that fat...ohhhh bacon fat you are a blessing for cooking. Remove the bacon when cooked and then toss in your chicken breast cut into bite size pieces. Yes, cook your chicken in the bacon fat. Seasoning with chili powder, garlic and a pinch of sea salt.

On the side, make a mixture of honey and mustard and stir until it just tastes right to you. Some people like more mustard tanginess than others. Once the chicken is cooked, drop in your honey mustard mix and stir up until it creates a warm oozy mess. It will actually look like bbq sauce.

Then plate it. On goes your chicken and then crumble your bacon on top. For you non Paleo foodies, you can add cheese while still in the pan to melt then plate and top with your bacon. Cheese is not on the Paleo food plan, and while some people incorporate it in I have chosen not to simply because it's a binge food for me.

This was enough for me last night. I was full and beyond satisfied with my dish. I was having a hard time finding a veggie dish to pair it with and already had a salad at lunch. I need to work on the side dishes so I can have more complete eating experiences.

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