Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Chores just aren't my thing mom"

Last night I got home minutes before my husband and the kids. When the minivan pulled up my oldest was crying her eyes out. I asked her what's up kitty? She said "I'm crying cause chores just aren't my thing mom." I looked at her and said "okie doke", grabbed a twin and went inside the house. Quick conversation with the hub, and I learned he told her she needed to go clean her room upon returning home, in which she had a completely different opinion on the matter. I've learned with Tessa that she craves confrontation and shock value at this stage in her life and have found a way that meets her goals and ours.

I am so beyond blessed to have been provided with years of working with multiple personalities people, and I have realized children aren't really different than some adults. I mean don't we have confrontations with people and think "wow, they really are acting like a child." However, everyone has their reasoning point and I have always believed that when you truly care to know someone, you know how to reach that reasoning point.

While my husband wrestled with the twins, I took a seat with Tessa on the couch and brought the conversation right to God. We talked about the blessing of having arms, hands, legs, feet and the strength to do what we can with them. How when we work we do it to glorify God, for it is He that has given us so much. Can I tell you, how comforting it is to feel the love your child has for God that she would do anything for Him. Tessa eagerly agreed that it is important to clean up for God. You see, God is her reasoning point.

Oh what a blessing this little girl is to me. I still get tears when I feel the emptiness of not having a relationship with God in my life at a young age. I am comforted in knowing that my loss is only for the gain of my children, as there is no way they won't know what it is to have God's love in their lives at a young age. I can't predict where they will take this knowledge and love as they enter their adult years, I can only pray they will always just know that it is His love that is needed first and foremost.

Tessa and I discussed a plan of attack. We'd take cleaning in stages, tonight we'd start with the bathroom and tomorrow her room, and we'll do it together. Our game plan was simple, she will toss her trash and I will do the scrubbing. She thought it was fair and got excited telling me "we're going to need a trash bag to put all my waste basket stuff into," (really, just one bag??? hardly).

We started with her bathroom. All I can say is WOW. How can a 5-year old do so much damage to such a small room. When we finished, the room sparkled and Tessa continued to clean her way through the house until she got to the trash can downstairs she also put all the toys away that the twins scattered through the house. She was on a roll and I couldn't have been any prouder of this newfound spirit. I also recognize, it is up to me to keep the spirit flowing and that my reasoning point is seeing my kid's faces beam when they realize God's love for them.

This morning when heading out to work, we hugged and I told her that I look forward to tonight and spending time with her as we clean her room. She smiled and gave me that bone crushing hug so needed before you leave. And truthfully, I anticipate that time we can spend together tonight even if I am uncertain of what I might find in her room.

After a tough cleaning,
we rewarded ourselves with a
free Slurpee from 7-11.

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